Форекс кинг блог, Forex King (% в месяц) - Обзор и отзывы о фаст-хайпе!

Dukascopy is University for the new bees, as well for mature traders and it offers King Contest.

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In order to face the king in the war we have to pass through several steps of defense. To reach that level, first we have to understand defense and weakness of their kingdom.

Trustpilot Tickmill — торговое название группы компаний Tickmill. Клиент должен быть не моложе 18 лет для того, чтобы иметь право пользоваться услугами Tickmill. Предупреждение о высокой степени риска: Торговые конктракты на разницу CFD сопряжены с высокой степенью риска и могут не подходить для всех инвесторов.

Before participating in the King Contest first we have to understand its rules and importance so you can face the king and defeat him. Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land.

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Think why Dukascopy kept so many rules, restrictions while trading in King Contest and why they held King Contest every month? By trading in demo account we are over confident and open an live account and blow it and go back to normal work to accumulate some more money for years to come back or decide not to return Forex world.

King Contest rules and restrictions will correct all trading mistakes, increases our trading quality, it teaches to survive in the worst marking conditions and market is always random so, it give us courage to face it.

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Форекс кинг блог win any contest is very important to understand the importance of rules instead of just following it. We need to get W questions [why, what, how, why not] in our mind, then only we will try to find answer for those questions, those answers leads to knowledge and it leads to success.

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Because all are trying to win the contest without realizing why Dukacopy kept all below as basic building blocks. The basic building blocks of King Contest are: 1.

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Performance points.